Photoshoot prep

A health and fitness transformation includes embracing your individual beauty and living fearlessly in the skin you are in. As part of our fitness journey together, we encourage clients to consider rewarding themselves with a photoshoot. Photoshoots are not only a way to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication, but it helps build confidence – a critical piece of body transformations.

You may use a photographer of your choosing. If you do not have one in mind, we highly recommend reaching out to Jessica McDougall, who has over a decade of experience empowering clients through photography. Her studio offers a private, intimate setting allowing you to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire experience! Jess's goal is to have a judgement free experience - positive vibes only!

“A photoshoot, when done right, will give you the most amazing boost of confidence.” ~ Jessica McDougall

Check out her site for more information: Jess McDougall Creative

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